How To Decide What Type Of Earrings To Wear

If you're kind of new to wearing earrings or you've just come into a larger collection and you're a little overwhelmed, here are some quick ways to help you determine what kind of earrings you want to wear out.

How Active Will You Be?

If you're going to be doing a lot of dancing or are otherwise planning on being athletic, you will want to avoid any earrings that will easily come out of your ears. Anything on a hook, even if you've got backer for it, may not be the best idea. Especially if it's a drop or chandelier-style earring — you'll mostly end up hitting yourself in the face and neck with your own earrings, which can be very aggravating! For being active, huggie earrings or studs may be your best bet.

Is Your Hair Up or Down?

If your hair comes past your ears and you're planning on leaving it down, you will want to eliminate anything with a lot of movement. Earrings with a lot of moving pieces can get caught in your hair easily. (If you really want to wear those earrings, consider at least using a barrette or some gel to guide your hair away from your ears.) But you can wear studs, climbers, huggies, or even hoops if they're on the smaller side. Larger hoops may get tangled up, so be thinking about that.

How Often Do You Wear Earrings?

If it's been a while since you've worn heavy earrings, you might want to work your way into the heavier drop earrings. You may not realize how heavy they can feel! Perhaps you can wear one of your lighter pairs of earrings and let yourself become accustomed to wearing earrings before you take the plunge into wearing your gorgeous chandeliers. This isn't to say you shouldn't wear them! However, it might be a good idea to take a backup set so you can switch them out if you start to get uncomfortable.

If you're still lost, get your earrings out and look at them. Which pairs draw your eye? Do any make you feel nice to look at? Try wearing that pair. If you put them in and it doesn't feel right, it's okay to take them out and put something else in.

To learn more about how to choose earrings to wear, contact a jewelry store or earring supplier in your area.